You’ve heard of ridesharing, and roomsharing – Introducing CARESHARING.

The only childcare app that matches care hour-for-hour.

For every hour of care booked, Momni donates an hour of childcare to a family in need.



  • Trusted, affordable childcare
  • Last minute / emergency booking
  • Book according to your schedule
  • Quality childcare daycares can't provide


  • Set your own schedule and hourly rate
  • Easily accept or decline booking requests
  • Work conveniently from home
  • Be with your children while making money
  • Earn money fast! Get paid within 24 hours of care with our secure payment system


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Momni Story & Mission

Our mission is to help alleviate the global childcare crisis.
Every host and guest is a key part of our mission to circle up around families in need. Every hour booked through our site is matched hour-for-hour by the Momni Foundation. When you book care through Momni, you are helping us donate care to a family who needs it!
Try Momni today! Get a $20 credit towards your first booking by becoming a verified user.