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Why Host?

1. Earn money whenever you choose. 

  • Your work schedule is flexible – you choose the days and hours. Work as often as you like. Choose daytime, evenings, or weekends. 
  • No need to leave your children at the daycare – save on daycare costs. 
  • Set your own prices. 
  • Take breaks when you need them, including extended breaks. For example, take three months off after having a baby, or take the summers off. 
  • Enjoy family friendly work from the comfort of home.   
  • It's simple. Post your available times and start earning money right away. 
  • No need to wait until “payday,” since the money you earn always goes right into your bank account whenever a guest pays you for a caresharing job. 
  • Extra income. 
  • You decide how many children you’d like to care for, and the age range for the children you prefer to tend. 
  • Provide playmates for your own children. 

2. Fund your dreams and passions. 

  • Do you have a desire to create something amazing, and you just need the funds to bring your vision into reality? 
  • Would you like to take a trip this year? 
  • Are you saving up for a down payment toward a house? 
  • Do you wish you had more money in your wallet when you go out shopping? 

3. Help mothers in developing countries who would otherwise not be able to pay for childcare. 

  • Being a host for Momni means that a portion of each hour you host children in your home goes toward an hour of childcare for a mother in a developing country who would otherwise not be able to afford decent childcare.