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When it comes to childcare, mothers have been helping mothers for thousands of years. Momni makes it easier by providing “caresharing” technology.

Caresharing is the childcare equivalent to Airbnb and Uber. Airbnb connects hosts with guests for travelers looking for lodging worldwide. Uber connects drivers with riders for easy transportation wherever you want to go.

Momni caresharing technology instantly connects mothers needing childcare with mothers offering to care for children, when and where the care is needed. Mother to mother, childcare is offered and accepted with the tap of a finger. Caresharing “hosts” offer childcare services at times convenient to them, and mothers searching for childcare locate all available childcare opportunities posted for their area.

At Momni, we support a social business model of philanthropy where we pledge hour for hour, mother to mother seed funding to developing countries. For every hour of caresharing provided in a first-world country, Momni provides a seed funding opportunity to mothers in need of caresharing in a developing country. What better way for mothers to experience caresharing around the world!

Whenever you offer or request childcare through Momni, you are also helping a mother in need, hour for hour, mother to mother! This is CARESHARING!