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Hosting Standards

When it comes to the care of our children, nothing is more important than trust. As a Momni host, you lay the foundation for that trust with your hosting profile, build on it with honest, prompt communication, and cement it with an excellent, dependable caresharing experience. Setting your sights on creating and sustaining trust is the surest route to great reviews and your success as a Momni host. 

Every step in the process of becoming a Momni host must live up to the highest standards. 


Ensure that your host listing accurately reflects the caresharing service you can offer, including a truthful description of your household, the ages and number of children you will care for, your expectations, available days and hours, and current photos and contact information. Remember that your Momni guests will have the opportunity to rate the accuracy of the information you provide, thereby contributing to the trust that others will have in you.  


  • If you have certain rules and expectations of Momni guests, be sure to communicate those clearly in advance. 
  • Use high quality photographs in your listing. Caption your pictures clearly. 
  • If there are access issues, or if Momni guests will have to climb a few flights of stairs, be sure to let them know. 
  • Frequent low ratings on the accuracy of your listing may mean that your account is temporarily deactivated, so be sure to keep your listing accurate. 


Promptly respond to all inquiries and scheduling requests, even if you're not available. This shows you're dependable and attentive. 


  • Respond to requests within 24 hours, sooner if possible. 
  • If you can't meet a caregiving request, please be sure to decline the request promptly to give your Momni guest as much notice as possible to make other arrangements. 
  • If you accept a caregiving request, but something about your listing changes in the meantime, be sure to tell your Momni guest in advance. 


One key way to build and maintain a relationship of trust is to be available when you say you'll be available.


  • Update your listing calendar to accurately reflect dates and times when you are available for caregiving. 
  • If you set a minimum and maximum caregiving time, you'll only receive requests that match your time preferences. 
  • If you say you're available, but decline a caregiving request, it can be discouraging to the Momni guest making the request. If you turn down an excessive number of caregiving requests, your listing may be temporarily deactivated. 


Ensure that you can commit to your guests before accepting a caregiving request. Avoid cancellations if at all possible. 


  • If you must cancel, let your Momni guest know right away. This will give them as much time as possible to make other arrangements. 
  • If a cancellation is unavoidable, we recommend that you refer the guest to another approved Momni host in your community. If you know the Momni host personally, consider asking them if they can accommodate your Momni guest's caregiving request and offer to make an introduction. 
  • We all know what it feels like to have caregiving arrangements fall through. Momni takes cancellations seriously and may temporarily deactivate your account if you cancel caregiving requests too frequently.


Ensure that your home is clean and tidy before your guests' arrival. Your place does not need to look like a model home, but keeping it free from excessive clutter and dust can make it far more comforting for a Momni guest to entrust her children to your care. 


  • Tidy each room the children in your care will be allowed to enter, especially the bathrooms. 
  • Give yourself enough time to clean before your Momni guests arrive so you don't have to do a last-minute scramble. 

Special Services

Make sure that any special services promised at the time of scheduling are provided.