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The Momni Story

On March 16, 2017, Momni founder Karmel Larson became aware of the global childcare crisis. She learned of the suffering faced by families who lack accessible, sustainable, affordable, quality childcare. Her mind was filled with images of larger-than-life, mighty elephants, some of the most nurturing, care oriented mothers in the animal kingdom. In this matriarchal order,  the family is the foundation for shared infant care and child-rearing.

With the support of her husband and co-founder, Brigham, Karmel was inspired to form a team to create the technology solution of Momni, a sharing economy model of caresharing, linking all mothers everywhere in a free market system to relieve the impact of the global childcare crisis. With a restless urgency to speed the delivery of sustainable care solutions to those most in need, the original idea evolved into a powerful business model and corporate mission, to match every hour of care provided with an hour of care given to a mother in need. Mother to mother—hour for hour. The nonprofit Momni International was formed to address the care needs in developing countries and to oversee distribution of the seed funding of caresharing hours.

What began as a simple idea given to one mother has become the vision of an international movement. The Momni Movement is rippling forward in concentric community circles, like elephants that literally circle up for protection and strength when any danger or imminent need is upon them. “Momni Circles” are being organized internationally through technology caresharing circles of trust and literal Momni Circle groups, both physical and online, to provide caresharing connections, support, encouragement, education and protection.  

We envision a world made better, where all mothers are linked together and the Momni technology provides instant connections to facilitate worldwide mother to mother caresharing. We circle around one another to help care for our young children in our own homes. When one mother is in need, we all circle up to contribute where we can! We are mothers! We are Momnis!