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Are we really facing a global childcare crisis? The need for childcare solutions is vast! “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that day care businesses will have some of the fastest employment growth of all industries through 2020.” reports huge growth in US daycare businesses.

Today’s news from around the world on the global childcare crisis: “More than 23,000 children are waiting for spots at government-operated childcare centers by the latest count. They’re emblematic of one of the toughest challenges facing the Japanese government, which has identified more participation by women in the workforce as key to reforming Japan’s moribund economy—often referred to as ‘Womenomics.'”

Quartz Media explains “How Japan’s biggest cosmetics company keeps 100% of its new moms amid a childcare crisis.”

The childcare crisis really heats up in developing countries, where children are often left in overcrowded, dirty rooms. Some impoverished mothers become so desperate that young children and even babies are simply left unattended while their mothers go to work. reports on The Childcare Crisis for Mothers in Nairobi Slums. reports on the Hidden crisis of small children left home alone while parents work.