About Our Team

Karmel Larson

CEO & Co-Founder

Ken Agle

International Development

Josh Larson

Investor Relations and Fundraising

Stacey Beadle

Executive Assistant to Mr. Larson

Brigham Larson

Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

Lee Baker

Web Development

Dennis Agle

Communications & PR

Dave Chase

Chief Financial Officer

Sean Thomas

Chief Technical Officer

Diann Jeppson

Momni International Administrative Lead

Brent Hawkins


Abby Larson


Recent Blog Posts

What does Momni do to help keep children safe?

One question that Momni often receives is – “What does Momni do to keep children safe?”  Here are the ABCs of Momni safety: A You have total control of your Momni circle. Your circle is comprised of friends and people you know. We recommend that you...

Formal Announcement of Momni

September 15, 2017, marks the formal announcement day of Momni to the WORLD! Hello World! We are celebrating mothers today—celebrating children and celebrating MOMNI! Here is the post and announcement video shared by our co-founder Karmel Larson on her personal site,...