When will the app be available for download?

The app is currently in beta testing and the exact date for worldwide access is fast approaching. To participate in beta testing circles, please email interest inquiries to [email protected]. To join the Momni Movement NOW, visit MomniInternational.org to support the Momni effort.

What is “caresharing?”

Lyft and Uber introduced “ridesharing” to the world. AirBnB introduced “roomsharing.” Momni has now introduced “caresharing,” another global, sharing economy technology.



gerund or present participle: caresharing

The sharing economy model of participating in an arrangement in which a mother provides care in her home, for a fee, for the children of another mother, especially as arranged by means of a website or app. Mothers place a request to careshare by selecting a family, setting a pick-up and drop-off time and scheduling via the app.”

What is a “Momni”? (mom-ne)

A Momni is “One who empowers mothers.” All mothers, caregivers and nurturers are welcome to be “Momnis.”


  1. A mother who hosts children in her home for extra income.  “I make $250 a month by hosting children. I am a Momni.”
  2. A mother looking for affordable, flexible childcare options by another mother.  “I need to run some errands child-free today. I’ll just book a Momni.”
  3. A sharing economy technology to link mothers to mothers for “caresharing.”  “Who has your kids? Oh—I just got a Momni… it was EASY with Momni!”

Who can be a host?

A Momni host is a nurturer, regardless of age or gender. Each Momni host is thoroughly vetted, including a multi-tiered background check. Momni hosts care for children and their physical and emotional welfare; they care about their fellow-nurturers and their well-being.   

Who are guests?

Momni guests are children. The parent/guardian of a Momni guest needs childcare for any reason, and feels his/her child would be best cared for by a fellow nurturer.

How do I get paid once the connection is completed?

Payment is easy and automatic. At the conclusion of a connection, when the guest is picked up, the parent/guardian clicks “End Connection.” You will be asked to confirm that the connection has ended, and payment will instantly be transferred to your Momni account.

How and when do I pay for the guest visit?

Payment is easy and automatic. When you sign up as a Momni guest, a current, valid credit card is required. At the conclusion of a connection, when you pick up your child, simply open your Momni app and click on the icon “End Connection.” The Momni host will be asked to confirm that the connection has ended, and your credit card will automatically be charged.

May I make recurring bookings?

Making recurring bookings may or may not be permissible in your area, depending on local government regulations. Please consult regulations in your area.

May I leave special instructions for my Momni?

Absolutely! You may use the communications features within the Momni app and website to reach out to your favorite Momnis and share anything with them!

How quickly may I request a Momni?

While Momni may be used to book a connection with plenty of advance notice, it was created especially for last-minute and short-notice things that inevitably pop up. You may have your child at the home of a Momni host in just as long as it takes to request a connection, have that request accepted, and take your child to the host home.

Is there a maximum time that I may request a Momni host for?

Maximum permissible time as a Momni guest depends on local government regulations. Please consult regulations in your area.

Do I need to tip my Momni host?

Tips are not regulated, encouraged, monitored or discouraged by Momni. Tipping is currently not handled through the app.

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