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Momni is an app to connect mothers to mothers for caresharing!

We envision a world made better by mothers linked together through sharing economy, caresharing technology, enabling more childcare options through mother to mother flexible, family friendly, home based income options.

Mom = Nurturer

We invite all nurturing caregivers to join the Momni movement to link moms globally to engage in “caresharing.”

Caresharing = the sharing economy model of mothers linking with mothers to create childcare solutions.

Omni = Latin for “All” & “Everywhere”

Mom + Omni = Momni


The Momni Mission = Improve families by linking “All Moms Everywhere”!

The Momni Purpose = Empower Mothers.

A Momni = One who empowers mothers.

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Why Elephants?

Not only are they powerful and the largest land mammals on earth, elephants are some of the most nurturing, care oriented mothers in the animal kingdom. The female elephants in a herd stay close to each other and help to take care of one another’s young calves. When an elephant gives birth, the females form a circle around her, providing physical support, encouragement and protection. When predators lurk nearby, elephants will similarly circle up and protect any of their weaker herd members, hurt elephants or easily targeted young calves.

As Momni mothers, we likewise promote this circling of support. Literally, we host Momni circles all over the globe to provide connection, support, encouragement and protection. We are mothers! We are Momnis! We circle around one another to help care for our young children. When one mother is in need, we all circle up to help where we can! We envision a world where all mothers are linked together and the Momni technology allows easy connection to facilitate mother to mother caresharing.

(and… because of “Our Story“)