One question that Momni often receives is “What does Momni do to keep children safe?” Here are the ABCs of Momni safety:


You have total control of your Momni circle. Your circle is comprised of friends and people you know. We recommend that you invite those you know and trust to see your profile and care for your children.


Your host or guest profile is secure. The only people who can see your full profile and your caresharing requests are the members of your circle. You decide whom to add to your circle. Your Momni circle is secure and private.


Guests and Hosts can be choosy when accepting caresharing arrangements. For example, if a guest’s children are ill, you don’t need to accept the caresharing request. It’s as easy as the click of a button.

Safety is Momni’s main concern. You can trust Momni because you trust the members of your Momni circle.

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