September 15, 2017, marks the formal announcement day of Momni to the WORLD! Hello World! We are celebrating mothers today—celebrating children and celebrating MOMNI! Here is the post and announcement video shared by our co-founder Karmel Larson on her personal site,, to share the good news of Momni!



Well… I’ve been working on a little project since March. It’s grown into a very BIG project! Brigham and I have created a tech startup to provide a solution to the global childcare crisis. It’s called Momni!


We envision a world made better by mothers linked together through sharing economy, caresharing technology, enabling more childcare options through mother to mother flexible, family friendly, home based income options.



The Momni Mission = Improve families by linking “All Moms Everywhere”!

The Momni Purpose = Empower Mothers.

A Momni = One who empowers mothers.

Caresharing = the sharing economy model of mothers linking with mothers to create childcare solutions.

Lyft and Uber introduced “ridesharing” to the world. AirBnB introduced “roomsharing.” Momni has now introduced “caresharing,” another global, sharing economy technology.



gerund or present participle: caresharing

The sharing economy model of participating in an arrangement in which a mother provides care in her home, for a fee, for the children of another mother, especially as arranged by means of a website or app. “Mothers place a request to careshare by selecting a family, setting a pick-up and drop-off time and scheduling via the app.”

The Momni Story

On March 16, 2017, Momni co-founder Karmel Larson became aware of the global childcare crisis. She learned of the suffering faced by families who lack accessible, sustainable, affordable, quality childcare. Her mind was filled with images of larger-than-life, mighty elephants, some of the most nurturing, care oriented mothers in the animal kingdom. In this matriarchal order, the family is the foundation for shared infant care and child-rearing.

With the support of her husband and co-founder, Brigham, Karmel was inspired to form a team to create the technology solution of Momni, a sharing economy model of caresharing, linking all mothers everywhere in a free market system to relieve the impact of  the global childcare crisis. With a restless urgency to speed the delivery of sustainable care solutions to those most in need, the original idea evolved into a powerful business model and corporate mission to match every hour of care provided with an hour of care given to a mother in need. Mother to mother—hour for hour. The non-profit Momni International was formed to address the care needs in developing countries and oversee distribution of the seed funding of caresharing hours.

What began as a simple idea given to one mother has become the vision of an international movement. The Momni Movement is rippling forward in concentric community circles, like elephants that literally circle up for protection and strength when any danger or imminent need is upon them. “Momni Circles” are being organized internationally through technology caresharing circles of trust and literal Momni Circle groups, both physical and online, to provide caresharing connections, support, encouragement, education and protection.

We envision a world made better, where all mothers are linked together and the Momni technology provides instant connections to facilitate worldwide mother to mother caresharing. We circle around one another to help care for our young children in our own homes. When one mother is in need, we all circle up to contribute where we can! We are mothers! We are Momnis!


A Momni is “One who empowers mothers.” All mothers, caregivers and nurturers are welcome to be “Momnis.”


  1. A mother who hosts children in her home for extra income. “I make $250 a month by hosting children. I am a Momni.”
  2. A mother looking for affordable, flexible childcare options by another mother. “I need to run some errands child-free today. I’ll just book a Momni.”
  3. A sharing economy technology to link mothers to mothers for caresharing. “Who has your kids? Oh—I just got a Momni… it was EASY with Momni!”

This has all been made possible to come as far as we have, and to have such a bright future before us, with the support of powerful and generous business advisors and our devoted startup team listed below.

I am so grateful to our trailblazing startup team for their dedication and contributions to the Momni Vision!

Brigham Larson – COO
Sean Thomas – CTO
Ken Agle – International Development
Josh Larson – Investor Relations
Lee Baker – Web Development
Dennis Agle Jr. – Communications/PR
Diann Jeppson – Administrative Lead
Stacey Litchford Beadle – Executive Assistant to Mr. Larson
Jay Hill – Design & Logo

And a super heartfelt thank you to our critical advisors:
John Richards – Founder Startup Ignition Cohort
Scott Martineau – Founder of Infusionsoft
Paula Fellingham – Global Women’s Events Expert

And THANK YOU to all of the mothers in the US and in India who have participated in innumerable validation interviews, research meetings and beta testing preparations. Your excitement, support and enthusiasm is tangible and our daily rocket fuel!

I want to warmly thank everyone who has helped us to bring forth the vision of Momni. This past month we have seen our effort triple in speed and intensity, and the growth is exciting to be a part of. I am driven to see Momni succeed to help the many mothers and children who desperately need the resource of Momni. I believe in the mothers of the world, and as we open our homes to one another, share our time, our space, our hearts, we will be a great force for good providing hope across the globe.





*Beta testing groups are underway for Utah County, Chicago and Mumbai, India.  If you would like to join one of the beta groups or propose a group in your zip code area, e-mail [email protected] to express interest or submit the form below. 

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